What happens in the Art Room?

  • Baby Art (3 months - 24 months)

  • Littles Paint & Play (18 months - 5yrs)

  • Open Studio (5 - 16yrs)

  • Creative Classes & Themed Workshops (all ages)

  • Art & Sip (21+)

  • Birthdays & Private Parties (all ages)

  • Professional Face Painting (3yrs +)



Littles Paint & Play:

Ages 1 - 5yrs

Parent Supervision Required

Paint & Play is a non-instructional, open studio experience that allows children to enjoy process based art and exploration, in combination with open ended sensory play. Join for a messy - fun time! The kids get access to all materials on the art shelf during Paint & Play, plus we get to do things in the art room that we may not necessarily get to do at home. We draw, paint, and create with hands, feet, and everything in between. Littles will be able to move freely between multiple areas within the room.


Tips for parents at Paint & Play: Allow your child to work on tasks and problem solving independently before intervening. This is how we learn and develop important skills that will last a lifetime.

Basic materials included are: Papers, Pencils, Markers, Paints, Glue Scissors, Pastels, and more.

Canvas and wooden paint-ables are available as add-ons.



Kids & Teens Ages 5 - 17

Open Studio is a non-instructional art experience. Youth are encouraged to create freely & independently with open ended use of all art materials on the art shelf during open studio. Draw, paint, create, build, play, doodle. Older kids, teens, & adults are allowed to bring their own supplies or use the materials provided. Supervising adults are encouraged to join in the creative process with kids & teens.

Basic materials included are: Papers, Pencils, Markers, Paints, Glue Scissors, Pastels, and more.

Canvas and wooden paint-ables are available as add-ons.




Not your typical cheek design!

Leanna specializes in detailed face & body art with many years of professional experience, research, and practice. Hire Leanna as your professional face painter at your next community event, party, or add onto your next studio art party!

Private face & body art appointments can also be made for:
Creative Modeling, Photoshoots, Video & Photo Promos, Advertising, Shows, Maternity-Belly Painting, Seasonal Events (Halloween), Parades, Sporting Events, & more!

Designs include age & event appropriate custom body art:

Simple half face, Full face, Partial body, Tasteful/Artistic nude body painting (21+ at the painters discretion & comfort)

Health & Safety Info:
Face & Body Painting is best for ages 3 & up. The painter (Leanna) has the right to refuse to paint on children under 3 years old, on or near un-clean skin, sensitive skin, or skin with open wounds, sores, rashes, extreme acne, etc. Made for skin cosmetic paint (make up) is non-toxic, gluten free, dermatology tested safe for skin.

Click Here for full details: Health & Safety Notice.




Public WORKSHOPS, Events, and Adult Art & Sip Parties:
Youth (4-17)
Adult (18+)
Adult Art & Sip (21+)


Public workshops/events are scheduled on weekends and require advanced sign-up with payment: in person, or online via Facebook Message, or E-mail. Pricing for each event will vary. Payments are all completed by invoice through your preference of card payment with Square Invoice, or PayPal. To see upcoming workshops and events, please see the monthly calendar pinned to the top of Leanna's Art Room on Facebook, or e-mail for a digital copy.


Private workshops can be booked for any age group on nights or weekends for: Birthdays, Celebrations, Group Date Nights, Just for Fun!

During workshops, Leanna will give step by step instructions and assist artists in creating custom pieces of art. Workshops are done in small groups but can accommodate seating and supplies for up to 14 artists. All workshops take place in-studio. Each art session lasts for 2 - 3 hours.

Interested in creating something other than canvas paintings at a private workshop? Just Ask! Accommodations may work for watercolor painting, drawing workshops, Pinterest projects, and more.

Private Art & Sip (21+) Workshops

Pricing for Instructional Canvas Painting (14 people max.):

$25 per person (11x14")

$35 per person (16x20")

$40 per person (Custom Pet Portrait Painting 11x14" only)

After Hours weeknight sessions, and weekend sessions are always available. You choose your theme (from a list of options provided) and a custom design will be created just for your group!


BYOB (wine) and snacks are allowed at Art & Sip Workshops (cups, napkins, plates are provided)... So invite your friends, come relax, and have fun! You don't have to be an amazing artist, you just need to know how to be open to trying! Private workshops are great for friends, group dates, families & more.. celebrating something special, or just for fun! I supply everything needed

No alcohol is allowed during college group workshops.


PLEASE CONTACT LEANNA for most up to date pricing. Previous (shown below) may be adjusted due to Covid-19.


Open Studio / Littles Paint & Play with a parent (no cost for supervising parents)

    $10 for first hour

    $8 per every additional hour 


Open Studio Drop-Off (ages 7+) Advanced registration required 
    $15 / 1 hour

    $25 / 2 hours (includes canvas)



Face Painting……….. $5

Artist Paper..............$2

8x10 Canvas.............$4

11x14 Canvas………..$6

16x20 Canvas………..$8

Wooden Paint-ables & DIY Items.. $1 - $6

(Workshop pricing varies - See 'events tab' on Facebook for specific workshop/event details)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

What is Drop-off?

Drop-off allows you to drop off the kids/teens while you go do whatever you need to do! This is only open to kids & teens ages 7+ yrs. Advanced in-person registration with a guardian's signature is required on policy paperwork before participation will be allowed. Walk-ins will not be accepted for drop-offs. Please contact Leanna ahead of time to participate.

Can I bring my older kids to Littles Paint & Play? You may bring your older children if they are accompanying a younger sibling. Please be aware that Littles Paint & Play is set up for toddlers and young pre-school aged children.

Can I bring my toddler to Open Studio? The Open Studio room set-up is more appropriate for school aged kids & teens. There will be less room for messy art or toddler wandering and although toddlers are welcome during open studio - Please be aware that older kids & teens might be in the art room working on their art too and tend to require a distraction free environment. Please contact in advance if you cannot make the "Littles Paint & Play" sessions and you are interested in bringing a toddler to Open Studio.

Do you offer workshops for adults? Yes! Ages 18+ can host private group art events, and adults 21+ can host private Art & Sip (BYOB) workshops. Adult workshops can be held "after kid hours" on weekday evenings or anytime on weekends.

Can you donate face painting at an upcoming event? Sorry but I am not able to donate face painting at public events. Please be understanding that as face painting being part of my business, this is how I support myself and working for free is not always do-able as a small independent entrepreneur. E-mail me with any additional questions about hiring Leanna's Art Room for Face Painting.


 Send additional questions via personal FACEBOOK message or

e-mail leannasartroom@gmail.com

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