Covid-19 SAFETY PLAN / Policies




Entry will not be permitted to anyone who is or appears to be sick, is coughing excessively, or shows symptoms of illness (excessive sneezing, runny nose, major congestion, fever, etc.). Walk-ins are not allowed while sessions are in progress, or while cleaning is in progress. 


Sign In

All people (adults and children) that come into the art room are required to sign in with name, phone number, date, and time of visit, regardless of the length of time spent inside.


This is for quick contact in case a Covid-19 outbreak occurs and there is possible exposure. Signing in will also be considered your health check that you/your child are not sick, awaiting Covid-19 test results.



Masks are required for all kids, teens, and adults. Masks must be ON, fully covering the mouth and nose, and fitted properly to enter and participate. No Mask - No Entry!

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The CDC recommends ages 2+ to wear masks.

> Please join at your own comfort level and awareness, that some children under 5 may be mask-less at times while they practice following this routine. They will be reminded to keep their mask on.

> Should you or your child need a "mask break", please leave the room, or move away from others to do so as needed.

> Please understand that until further notice; the requirement for children and adults to wear masks while in close proximity to others will greatly help minimize the spread of germs and need for constant cleaning of all shared items in combination with hand washing.

Physical / Social Distancing

Several tables/workspaces are available for attendees to spread out to help maintain physical distancing between people of different households - as much as possible. Please be mindful of everyone's personal space.


Hand Washing

ALL visitors (babies, toddlers, kids, teens and adults) are required to wash hands with soap and water OR use sanitizer at the door, upon entering.


Hand Sanitizer can be found in multiple areas around the room, which may be used as needed.


Please be mindful that some sanitizers, sprays, and scented products can trigger allergies or be an irritant to someone’s breathing or skin. Please do not spray or use any strongly scented products inside the art room.


Food & Drinks

No food or drinks are allowed inside during any public sessions. Masks must stay on during your visit, so should not be removed for drinks. Please use the common area (outside the art room) for consumption of food and drinks.


Personal Belongings

Bags, Purses - Please limit the size of bags brought in, to one per family. This will help reduce a pile up of personal belongings in our art space. If you need to have a stroller upon entering (ex. Your transportation includes walking with a stroller - Please contact Leanna in advance so space can be arranged for stroller storage while participating).


Aprons / Smocks

You must wear / provide your own smock or apron if wanted. No aprons will be provided.


Art Materials / Supplies

Art supplies will be provided and set out in advance for customers / clients. To help minimize shared materials, each person will have their own set of materials to complete projects and tasks. The ‘open studio shelving’ will be off limits to reduce unnecessary handling and waste of any materials. All washable materials will also be cleaned and properly sanitized after each use, session, and appointment. If materials must be shared, all will be required to wash or sanitize before touching.