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 Art for children is about the process ... 
... NOT the product
This means; That allowing them to create freely without "doing it" for them, will encourage amazing developmental growth and boost self confidence. They will learn better and enjoy art more without getting discouraged due to expectations of a preferred outcome, so my most important rule for parents in the art room... is to step back and let your kids decide. It can be a hard thing to do but sometimes it's the best thing to do.


A healthy mind is a creative mind, a curious mind, a confident and courageous mind.​

​Let them be young! Let them be free! Let them get messy!


            "My third wish is to be an artist when I grow up because I think I can draw realy good"
(1997 - Age 10 - Straight from my journal)


I feel very fortunate to have been born into the last generation of kids who's youth was not constantly connected to social media or technology. I hope that in my art room, I can inspire today's youth to tap out of today's 'screen world' and into a more mindful world of organic ideas, and creativity!


Check my kindergarten bumble bee self-portrait, drawn at age five. Art has always been a huge passion and outlet to express myself without having to explain myself.


My professional experience with youth includes 10 years of teaching (with on-going professional development) in an accredited early childhood setting  & preschool classroom.


Upon having this wonderful opportunity to dive head first into independently operating my public art studio; I am finally making my dreams come true... as a 30 something year old Former Pre-K Teacher Assistant, Entrepreneur, Professional Child Wrangler, Human Tissue for Boogie Noses and Little Sneezes, Smile Creator, Margarita Loving... Artist!

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