"My third wish is to be an artist when I grow up because I think I can draw realy good"
(1997 - Age 10 - Straight from my journal)


I feel very fortunate to have been born into the last generation of kids who's youth was not constantly connected to social media or technology. I hope that in my art room, I can inspire today's youth to tap out of today's 'screen world' and into a more mindful world of organic ideas, and creativity!


Check my kindergarten bumble bee self-portrait, drawn at age five. Art has always been a huge passion and outlet to express myself without having to explain myself.


My professional experience with youth includes 10 years of classroom teaching & professional development in early childhood education. Professional Experience with art includes a college level education and studies of Fine Art in combination with personal practicies.


Upon having this wonderful opportunity to dive head first into independently operating my public art studio; I am finally making my dreams come true... as a 30 something year old Former Pre-K Teacher Assistant, Entrepreneur, Professional Child Wrangler, Human Tissue for Boogie Noses and Little Sneezes, Smile Creator, Margarita Loving... Artist!

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